One of the organizations that has benefited from Operation Yellow Ribbon is the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) Ontario Southwest. This vital centre is the first point of support for Canadian Forces families. The MFRC supports families of deployed soldiers, families of the fallen, families in crisis and those looking for help...from the simple to the tragic. As a result of the Operation Yellow Ribbon campaign we have been able to offer the following services:

  • Stress Management workshops
  • Home Location Decompression workshops
  • Reunion workshops
  • Addictions Awareness and Prevention workshops
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention workshops
  • Social Wellness & Healthy Relationship workshops

These are just some of the over 27 programs and services available to support CF military families.




There are many success stories of how Operation Yellow Ribbon has made a difference in the lives of CF personnel and their families.


Recently a local CF mother contacted the MFRC because her 16 year old son was having difficulty coping with his father’s deployment. The social worker on staff at the MFRC immediately connected the family with resources to help them cope with the situation. When the social worker followed up, she was happy to hear that the family was doing much better and that the son was doing well in school and he had overcome his depression. This is the type of support and peace-of-mind that our soldiers deserve.


Another success story is from a local CF family who was in desperate need of home care assistance for a wife who had triple bypass surgery. She could not move off of her bed and therefore needed immediate help as there were no family or friends in the area. Her husband approached the MFRC Southwest Ontario to see if there was any help available. The staff at the MFRC immediately called a home care service provider and they sent over a registered nurse caregiver who helped out with household chores and medical care. With the generous donation from the Operation Yellow Ribbon Campaign financial assistance for ongoing care was provided. The CF family was very grateful and they deeply appreciated the financial help and emotional support toward helping them during this stressful situation.


Support comes in many different ways. And often it is the little ways that make life a little easier. Operation Yellow Ribbon offers help to CF personnel and their families through courses, workshops and social outings.


Funds raised from the Operation Yellow Ribbon campaign help families 365 days a year. There are many, heart warming stories of where your support is vital for our soldiers and their families. To CF Families, Your Donation Makes a Difference


Thank you to all of our generous Supporters. All of this amazing work could not be done without your help and financial assistance.


"I wanted to say thank you for meeting ---- and I on Saturday. It was a pleasure to meet you. We had a wonderful time and it was very beneficial for ---- to meet and understand that we are just a normal family and that many CF families have challenges. We both really enjoyed our time with you."


"I wanted to let you know that I appreciate you keeping me in the loop as far as the activities and opportunities that you are sending me. Although ---- is back in ------ I enjoy what is being offered."


"Just wanted to thank you for a great weekend at Darien Lake. Thanks for all your organization and work in order to coordinate this. My son and I had a wonderful time. Financially we don't get many opportunities to go away so this was wonderful and very much appreciated!"


"the Wizard World Park was great... the kids loved it...thank you so much for organizing the event and the information..."


"we really love when things are offered to CF military families..."





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